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Smart Awards SA001A

Smart Awards and Telecoms Training Based in Northern Ireland

The telecommunication industry has chosen Smart Awards as their awarding body of choice for telecom safety training. Smart Awards operate as a National Awarding and End Point Assessment Organisation for the telecom, construction, digital, and utility sectors predominantly.

Approved by Ofqual and SQA Accreditation, Smart Awards offer regulated qualifications in the UK and Ireland via several approved partners. ITS is the only public training centre in Ireland approved to deliver Smart Awards courses.

Additionally, Industry Training Services have recently gained approval to provide a range of Openreach accredited, PIA courses for communication providers.

This will enable candidates to be correctly qualified for the installation of new fibre provision using Openreach’s telecommunication infrastructure.

PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access) enables communication providers to share existing access to the telecommunications infrastructure network to set up new fibre networks.

Openreach accredited PIA courses will teach delegates the engineering techniques to deploy cable either via over ground poles or underground ducts and utilising the infrastructure safely.

CPs or Communication Providers, need to have the right qualifications that are accredited by Openreach (the owner of the infrastructure) to access the infrastructure.


They are an awarding organisation that offers qualifications that meet specific needs of the industry

  • Be able to work safely
  •  Be able to access a pole using a ladder 
  • Know relevant health and safety legislation and industry good practice 
  • Know how to access a pole using a ladder
  • Know how to carry out pole checking
  •  Know how to work safely on joint user poles
  • Be able to work safely
  • Be able to carry out gas testing safely 
  • Be able to demonstrate safe methods of testing for lifting covers before working underground 
  • Know relevant health and safety legislation and industry good practice 
  • Know the hazards of working in underground chambers or structures 
  • Know how to carry out cover lifting safely

For more information you can view the Smart Awards website or view our blog post

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