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Blog, Street Works & Roadworks
Street works or roadworks are a common, and yes, somewhat annoying sight if you’re a road user, pedestrian, or live in the vicinity and have to tolerate daily disruption and temporary traffic lights for a while! Those working in the construction industry know that the teams behind the scenes have a challenging job to do
Blog, Safety in Excavations
In the realm of construction and excavation projects, where progress is synonymous with innovation, it’s crucial not to overlook the concealed hazards that lurk beneath the surface. Excavations, a pivotal part of these undertakings, carry inherent risks that necessitate expert handling. This is where Energy & Utilities Skills Register (EUSR) training steps in, a guardian of safety in the world of excavation.
Blog, News
Are you looking for a unique way to ensure the utmost safety and wellbeing of your workforce? Look no further than our tailor-made solution: the Bespoke Shut Down Health and Safety Day! At Industry Training Services, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your team whilst maintaining productivity. Our exclusive Health and Safety Day is meticulously designed to cater specifically to the clients unique requirements focusing on day to day challenges on site.
Blog, Temporary Works
Complying with legal and regulatory requirements is crucial in the construction industry, especially when it comes to temporary works. Failure to meet these obligations can result in serious consequences, such as accidents, injuries, project delays, legal penalties, and reputational damage. By prioritising compliance, construction companies can create safer work environments, protect their workers and the public, and ensure the successful completion of projects.
Plant & Machinery, Blog
Safety training is all about ensuring that you return home to your loved ones after a productive day on the construction site. By understanding how to operate rolling and dumping equipment safely, you minimise the risk of accidents, injuries, and those “uh-oh” moments that could otherwise dampen the spirit of your work.
Confined Spaces, Blog
Confined spaces presents a multitude of hazards and risks that can jeopardise the well-being of workers. AT ITS we offer a range of CABWI accredited Confined Spaces Training Courses plus in-house and bespoke training for those working in low risk, medium risk and high risk confined spaces.
Blog, Manual Handling
Do you suffer from back pain on a daily basis? Unfortunately, back pain is extremely common and something most of us will experience at some stage in our lives. It can be triggered or exacerbated by our work environment where manual handling is involved in daily tasks.
Blog, General Health & Safety
Industry Training Services (ITS), Ireland’s largest provider of health and safety training solutions to the construction, civil engineering, utilities and manufacturing sectors, is marking World Day for Safety & Health at Work this week on Friday April 28 at its two depots in Ireland: Cherry Orchard, Dublin; and Portadown, Co. Armagh.
Blog, News
Industry Training Services are honoured to receive an All-Ireland All-Star Accreditation from the All-Ireland Business Foundation (AIBF). This success highlights our commitment to providing the highest level of health and safety training across Ireland and the customer-centric approach we place at the core of our business.

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