Safe Use Of Saws


Saws have the potential to cause horrific injuries when you are not trained on how to use them properly. Investigations show that most fatal and major injuries involve saw operators taking short cuts and not following good practice guidance. Usually the main reason is to save time in the workplace. These injuries can be prevented with proper training, let us assist you.

By law, saw operators must have received adequate training relevant to the type of work they undertake.

The saw courses we provide at Industry Training Services

  • Abrasive wheels
  • Safe use of hand held cut of saw (power saw)
  • Safe use of chainsaw


Abrasive wheels are wheels, cones or cups for saws that have abrasive particles like grit that are bonded with either inorganic or organic substances like resin.

These bonds are cured at low temperatures. They’re shock-resistant, self-dressing, and tough. These materials are more suited to applications that don’t need a lot of precision such as cutting off or fettling.

Organic bonding substances are used for handheld and portable tools and machines. Inorganic bonding substances are usually used for grinding applications that require precision. These have a strong, hard, yet brittle structure and hold their shape. Inorganic bonds require a lot of heat for curing and are furnace-fired.


Saws safe on a tree trunk

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