ITS Launch SMART Awards Telecom Safety Training Courses for Telecoms and Utilities Workers

ITS now offer the Smart Awards Telecom Safety Training Courses, SA001 and SA002, to telecoms and utilities workers throughout Ireland and the UK. Training is delivered at our purpose built training facility at our Northern Ireland HQ.

The telecommunication industry has chosen Smart Awards as their awarding body of choice for telecom safety training. Smart Awards operate as a National Awarding and End Point Assessment Organisation for the telecom, construction, digital, and utility sectors predominantly. Approved by Ofqual and SQA Accreditation, Smart Awards offer regulated qualifications in the UK and Ireland via a number of approved partners. ITS is the only public training centre in Ireland approved to deliver Smart Awards courses, SA001 & SA002.

Smart Awards Telecom Safety Training Courses

Smart Awards training courses SA001 and SA002 educate workers on relevant health and safety legislation and industry best practice in relation to working safely overhead and underground.

SA001 Overhead Safety Training

The SA001 overhead safety accreditation is a 3 day training course which focuses on overhead safety for telecoms and utilities workers. Course participants gain knowledge and skills of the hazards and risks associated with working at height on wooden poles in a telecommunications environment. Ladder safety to access poles, pole checking, and working safely on joint user poles – those used by two or more utility providers – are some of the core topics covered within SA001.

SA002 Underground Safety Training

The SA002 underground safety accreditation is a 1 day training course which covers gas testing and cover lifting. It teaches participants to identify hazards and potential risks involved in working safely on, or in proximity to underground structures and operational buildings. On completion telecoms and utilities workers will be able to carry out gas testing safely and implement safe working practices for lifting covers prior to working underground. They will also understand the hazards of working in underground chambers or structures.

ITS Telecom Training Facilities

We have developed bespoke telecom safety training facilities at out Portadown training centre. This includes a pole field with 26 wooden utility poles which enables us to train candidates on pole climbing as well as attaching various cable arrangements between poles and into properties. In addition, we have constructed an underground box and duct network consisting of 6 commonly used concrete boxes along with a 4 way duct network, which terminate at 2 dedicated training cabins. A number of underground boxes constructed in a footway scenario also exist which is relevant to operatives working in the civils side of telecoms.

Telecom Safety Training for Openreach

Our telecom training centre has been designed and developed in partnership with Openreach, who are responsible for the UK’s digital network. Set up to maintain and develop the phone and broadband network, Openreach are a wholly owned subsidiary of BT Group, employing over 37,000 people and over 25,000 engineers across the UK.

ITS is proud to be the leading provider of telecoms training to Openreach engineers in Northern Ireland and have worked with Openreach for more than 10 years now. We initially provided traffic management training to the majority of their operational staff in Northern Ireland. This developed into providing more specific street works training courses, to enable their engineering staff to be compliant with the relevant street work regulations. In more recent years, we have also developed and delivered bespoke training for employees in their new civils division throughout Northern Ireland.

In addition to Openreach, we currently provide telecoms training to other companies and contractors working within the telecom sector such as Morrow Contracts, and Charles Brand, to name a few.

Book Your Telecom Safety Training Courses

Our telecom safety training is applicable to anyone working or intending to work in the telecom sector throughout the UK and Ireland, where overhead and underground safety are two of the basic qualification components required and delivered within Smart Awards SA001 and SA002. View more details here.

For enquiries or to book course places, contact [email protected] or call us on 028 3839 8700 (NI) or 01 891 6105 (ROI)


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