NVQ Qualifications


NVQ Qualifications

Employers in the construction industry are constantly on the lookout for skilled workers, NVQ is a form of work based qualification that’s greatly favoured in the construction industry.

NVQs are the most widely-recognised qualifications in the industry. Unlike academic qualifications, most construction NVQs don’t require studying for an all-important exam at the end. However many will require that you complete a few written questions as part of the assessment process.

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Construction NVQ course or qualification are able to demonstrate to employers that you are a competent worker that is supported by a work-based qualification.

In most cases construction NVQs are assessed onsite as you work.

At the start of every course you’ll be put in touch with an assessor. The job of this person is to observe you working and assess your capabilities. They’ll ask you and your co-workers questions, they’ll take a look at your work once it’s finished, and they’ll look at your work while it’s in progress.

As well as allowing you to demonstrate your skills in their natural environment, this approach also allows you to continue to work and earn money throughout the NVQ process.


At the end of the course, you are classed as either competent or not competent. If you receive ‘not competent’ it doesn’t mean that you have failed but that you will have to provide additional evidence over a period of time to bring the outcome up to ‘competent’. Should any weakness in your skillset be noticed, you’ll be made aware of them. In many cases, you’ll be able to raise your points total by taking additional, optional units.

This can depend on the individual and which NVQ you are undertaking.

The extent of the on-site assessment will depend on the level of the construction qualification. Lower-level courses involve simpler skills, and thus can be assessed relatively quickly. More advanced NVQ construction qualifications where students are expected to perform complex tasks and make judgements will require more time and visits.

The assessor will typically visit several times toward the end of the course. These aren’t surprise visits and dates will be arranged to suit both you and your employer. 


Different sorts of construction NVQ qualifications will require different levels of independent study. Many lower-level NVQs will not require anything other than turning up to work and doing the job well. There’s only so much that reading can teach you about practical vocations like trowel application and formwork. On the other hand, if you’re doing higher-level NVQs that involve management and other more theoretical skills, then you’ll need to set aside time at home for study and revision.

NVQ Qualifications

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