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ITS Host Seminar on behalf of NISG – Workplace Transport Safety – Staying Safe on Site

Workplace Transport Safety – Staying Safe on Site

Industry Training Services (ITS) 12-acre site was the ideal location to host the seminar on “Workplace Transport Safety – Staying Safe on Site” for the Northern Ireland Safety Group (NISG).

In line with the HSENI’s latest safety awareness campaign, ‘Drive Danger Out’ the NISG have organised several seminars to raise awareness, educate, enhance safety, and reduce incidents involving workplace transport.

From 2012 to 2022 incidents involving workplace vehicles across almost all work settings claimed the lives of 34 workers and left 162 others with serious injuries. (HSENI)

HSENI Chief Executive Robert Kidd commented, “Our ‘Drive Danger Out’ campaign is aimed to help employers prevent deaths and serious injuries involving vehicles in their workplace and to reduce the tragic figures we have seen over the last ten years.”

The afternoon covered a range of classroom-based learning through our health and safety presentation and candidates were updated with the latest safety regulations and compliance requirements relevant to workplace transport safety and operations.

This was then followed by two outdoor sessions, attendees inspected a range of plant and machinery including a tractor, an ATV (Quad), a forward tipping dumper (FTD), a telehandler and a 360 excavator. Our MD and skilled trainer, with over 30 years hands on experience, Brendan Crealey discussed the safety measures and protocols around each machine and highlighted the importance of keeping a safe distance from moving machinery, avoiding blind spots and if you are within close range, alerting the driver of the machinery that you are there.

Likewise, the group were given a demonstration from our resident IPAF trainer, Lindsay Reid, with over 40 years industry experience. The demonstration covered the safe use of IPAF Scissor (3A/3B) and Boom Lift (1B) machines and how to stay safe when working in or around one, on-site.

NISG members are educated on a number health and safety topics which promote workplace transport safety. The seminar hosted by ITS demonstrated this and gave their members the opportunity to learn and engage with safety protocols, enhancing their preparedness for potential challenges on their own sites.

Workplace transport safety is not merely a legal obligation; it’s a vital responsibility that organisations must shoulder to protect the well-being of their employees and maintain efficient operations. The statistics and stories surrounding workplace transport accidents are sobering reminders of the real risks involved.

However, there’s reason for optimism. With a proactive safety culture, comprehensive training programmes, regular equipment maintenance, and a commitment to continuous improvement, workplaces can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Safety is a collective effort that requires the commitment of every employee, from labourers to the boardroom. By fostering a workplace culture that prioritises safety, we can transform our workplaces into environments where everyone can thrive and Drive Out Danger.

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