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Overhead Safety Innovations: SMART Awards and PIA Accreditation  

In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, keeping professionals safe while working at heights or dealing with overhead equipment is crucial. SMART Awards offer tailored training in telecom safety, while PIA Accreditation provides specialised courses for both overhead and underground infrastructure access. Together, they ensure telecom workers are well-prepared to handle any task safely. These awards also encourage innovative solutions to overhead safety challenges, which are critical in this industry. 

The Critical Need for Overhead Safety in Telecommunications 

The telecommunications industry is inherently associated with risks, especially when it involves telecommunications overhead safety work like cable installations on cell towers, maintenance of high-altitude equipment, and working in proximity to electrical hazards. SMART Awards training recognises that addressing these challenges through innovative solutions is not just beneficial but essential for the well-being and efficiency of telecom professionals. 

Industry Training Services (ITS) has stepped up to this challenge by officially becoming a SMART Awards training provider offering specialised courses. These include SA001 Overhead Safety, SA001A Refresher and more. These comprehensive programmes are meticulously designed to provide learners with in-depth knowledge and practical skills essential for navigating the hazards and potential risks involved in working safely on ladders and wooden poles within the telecommunications environment. The curriculum of this course is crafted to address real-world scenarios, equipping professionals with the expertise needed to maintain the highest telecommunications safety standards in their daily operations. 

For the full list of out Telecom Courses click here.

Here is some feedback from one of our candidates who previously participated in the SA001 Overhead Safety Including Joint User Poles course:  

Sean McArdle 

The trainer’s clear explanations and patience helped me understand the new work environment better. They made everything easy to grasp, even though I’m just starting out. Their support has boosted my confidence in tackling tasks in this field. I’m grateful for their guidance as I navigate this new area. 

Criteria for Recognition 

In recognising excellence through SMART Awards training, ITS focuses on key criteria: unwavering commitment to telecommunications safety, educational excellence, innovative approaches, practical application, impact and scalability, continuous improvement, and compliance with industry standards. These standards ensure that awarded programmes and initiatives not only align with the latest industry practices but also significantly contribute to the advancement of telecommunications safety and efficiency. 

PIA Accreditation 

At ITS, we provide PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access) Accreditation for telecoms training, including, S5 Pole Survey, S6 Duct survey, Underground testing and Audit, S7 Sub Duct Cable Installation Underground, S8 Overhead Cable Installation and S9 Pole Stepping on Congested Poles.  

S8 is our specific overhead cable installation course. The accreditation for this course covers the engineering techniques used to deploy drop cable up to a maximum diameter of 7mm within the Openreach Overhead infrastructure safely. It covers the agreed network quality standards associated with PIA CP (Communication Provider) cable deployment. This PIA training enables communication providers to collaborate in utilising the current telecom network for establishing new fibre networks.  These Openreach PIA accredited courses instruct individuals on the safe installation of cables, whether above or below ground. CP’s must have appropriate qualifications approved by the infrastructure owner, to access the network.  

ITS Telecom Training Facilities 

At our Portadown training centre, we offer a one stop shop. We’ve developed specialised facilities for telecom safety training which includes a pole field with 26 wooden utility poles for pole climbing and cable installation practice, as well as an underground network with common concrete boxes and ducts, all relevant for civil telecom work.  


Industry Training Services approval and delivery of these telecoms training courses is a testament to the commitment and foresight in telecommunications safety for a safer future.  

By recognising and encouraging innovative solutions for telecommunications safety, these courses play a pivotal role in shaping a safer, more skilled, and technologically adept workforce.  

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