Sector scheme 12D Temporary Traffic Management Basic Course (TTMBC)

Duration: 1/2 Day.

Who should attend this course?

All persons starting work for the first time in the temporary traffic management industry, and those persons that do not hold any current NHSS 12ABCD registration cards.  (NHSS 12D T7 skills cards are excluded).  The TTMBC course is a pre-requisite to undertaking the NHSS 12D M1 course.

Temporary Traffic Management Basic Course covers:

•    Quality Assurance and NHSS 12
•    Terminology
•    Health and Safety
•    Equipment
•    Safety Zones
•    Basic Principles of Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) and Site Practice
•    Maintaining a closure.

On completion of this course learners will:

•    Be aware of the relevant codes of practice and other associated documentation when involved in traffic management
•    Be aware of Sector Schemes
•    Understand the Quality Assurance process and NHSS documents
•    Be aware of the different types of roads across the UK road network
•    Be aware of which roads / works are covered by which NHSS document
•    Be aware of the different classifications of “road users” i.e. pedestrians, horse riders, cyclists etc
•    Understand the different terminology used in the TTM industry in relation to different roads
•    Understand the process(es) required to become a qualified Operative and obtain a skills registration card, plus ongoing training to Supervisor level
•    Be aware of Health and Safety requirements including risk assessments and method statements
•    Have an understanding of the variety of TTM equipment and the basic principles of its use
•    Understand what constitutes a safety zone
•    Be aware of the general Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements
•    Understand crossing the carriageway HSE CIS53
•    Be aware of the different types of vehicles used in TTM and where they are used
•    Understand the environment where learners are expected to work
•    Be aware of the safe way to enter / exit a site
•    Be aware of the need to maintain sites, and what is involved
•    Know how to deal with accidents and emergencies within the works area.

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