Mental Health in the Construction Industry – Blog from Dr Arthur Cassidy

On behalf of Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention, we’d like to thank ITS for their continuous generosity towards our charity and for their own work towards breaking the stigma around mental illness in the construction industry. ITS have made several donations to Yellow Ribbon Portadown, and have been incredibly generous by raising funds to enable us to refurbish our clinic, allowing us to make our clients feel as comfortable and safe as possible in our specially designed multi-sensory rooms.

We understand that in male-dominated workplaces that it may be difficult to bring up serious topics, and between the jokes and laughs it may be easy to feel like the only one who is struggling with their mental health; often this is not the case. An undoubtedly overlooked aspect of working the trade is that it sometimes includes working away from home, and it may seem convenient to turn to other forms of comfort such as a few pints after a long day. It is important for mental well-being that alcohol is not used as a coping mechanism, but rather to be enjoyed in moderation if at all, and never on the work site. By looking out for one another, especially the quiet ones who never have much to say, it can be made sure that nobody is forgotten about, or left feeling alone, even on the bad days.

If you’re struggling with ill-mental health, you should talk to somebody. Construction and skilled trade can be a lonely profession, but you are never alone. There are many resources available which offer support and advice from people who understand your situation and are willing to listen. If you aren’t comfortable speaking to somebody, blogs such as may be of use.

At Yellow Ribbon Portadown, we offer a drop-in service between 10am and 12pm Monday – Wednesday every week, and are more than happy to listen and have a chat. In addition, we operate a 24 x 7 helpline 079 9903 0220 with our psychiatric nurse colleague. Why not consider setting up a group chat on What’s App among your workmates.? This can facilitate group discussion about anxiety, loneliness, relationship breakdown, addictions, bereavement, and alcohol related issues.

For further information visit:

Dr. Arthur Cassidy C.Psychol, AFBPsS Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Programme Portadown.

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