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Confined Space Risk Assessment Services

Confined Space Risk Assessments are a practical way of ensuring that potential risks to your team are identified and appropriate procedures put in place to minimise the potential of an incident occurring. At Industry Training Services, we’re passionate about maximising the safety and compliance of your operations when it comes to confined spaces.

If your employees enter and carry out work in any vessel, tank, container, pit, bund, chamber, cellar, or similar enclosed area which has the potential to cause harm or injury to workers, a confined space risk assessment protocol needs to be established, implemented, and reviewed annually to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

Legislation Governing Confined Space Risk Assessments

In Ireland, two key pieces of Health and Safety legislation apply to working in confined spaces:

  •  The Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work (Confined Spaces) Regulations 2001 governs work in confined spaces in Ireland.
  • In Northern Ireland this legislation is known as the Confined Spaces Regulations 1999 (SI 1997/1713), also referred to as The Code of Practice for Working in Confined Spaces.

Regulation 5 of The Safety Health and Welfare at Work Regulations states that a person should not carry out work in Confined Spaces if it is reasonably practical that it could be avoided. If the work is necessary, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment must be carried out prior to work commencing.

The Confined Spaces Regulations 1999 (SI 1997/1713) for Northern Ireland define confined spaces and also outline the duties of employers, employees, and others, which includes the need for risk assessments, safe systems of work, and emergency procedures.

ITS Confined Space Risk Assessments

Our Confined Space Risk Assessment process includes one or more site visits by an experienced confined space trainer and assessor. These are designed to comprehensively assess the risks associated with your confined spaces and provide you with the knowledge and insights required to develop and maintain a safe and compliant work environment.

During these visits, our assessor will complete the following activities:

1. Define, Name, and Classify Confined Spaces: This includes a meticulous assessment of how current statutory provisions and safe systems of work apply to each confined space.

2. Assess Equipment Selection and Operation: We assess the selection, operation, and use of equipment related to confined spaces to ensure that it meets safety standards and is properly maintained. This is vital to a safe and secure work environment.

3. Undertake a Training Needs Analysis: Our team review and advise on the training requirements for your personnel, to ensure they are well-prepared and informed about specific hazards and procedures associated with the confined spaces and how to protect themselves and others.

Confined Space Risk Assessment Report and Recommendations

After the site visit, we prepare a comprehensive report outlining our findings and recommendations. This report will be a valuable guide for you to follow to take positive action to improve safety and compliance within your workplace and will assist you to meet your legal obligations.

Additional information included in the report will be gathered through meetings and discussions with relevant representatives from Operations/Production, Maintenance and Safety Departments and various photographs will be taken as supporting evidence.

Our confined space risk assessments are tailored to your organisation’s needs and may include documented guidance on some of the following topics, as necessary:

• Dangerous Substances or ATEX Assessments

• Fire Risk Assessments

• Contents of COSHH File and relevant Safety Data Sheets

• Occupational Atmospheric Monitoring reports

• Copies of Confined Space or Hot permits

• Details of current relevant Policies, Procedures and Risk Assessments, etc.

Our goal is to help you create a safer and more compliant working environment within your confined spaces. Site visits, thorough risk assessments, and expert recommendations are essential to achieve this.

Contact us today to schedule a Confined Space Risk Assessment site visit and take the first step towards enhancing the safety and compliance of your confined space operations.

Download our Confined Spaces Training Brochure for further information on our training courses which can be delivered at any location in Ireland.


Confined Spaces Risk Assessment
Confined Spaces Risk Assessment
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