Temporary Works Training Courses: 5 Things you need to know.

1. What are ‘Temporary Works’?

Temporary works (TW) are the parts of a construction project that are needed to enable the permanent works to be built. Usually, the TW are removed after use – e.g., access scaffolds, props, shoring, excavation support, falsework, and formwork, etc.  Sometimes the TW is incorporated into the permanent works – e.g., haul road foundations and crane or piling platforms may be used for hardstanding or road foundations. –(HSE)

2. Who will benefit from completing temporary works training?

At Industry Training Services, we offer three different types of temporary works training, for different levels of work, which are all CITB approved:

Temporary Works Awareness- This course is designed to provide training for those involved in the temporary works process but who are not undertaking the role of Temporary Works Co-ordinator or Supervisor. The course assumes limited or no detailed previous knowledge of temporary works. This course will benefit many people including:

  • Directors, contract managers, site foremen, estimators, planners, procurement, commercial managers.
  • Health & Safety professionals that wish to increase their knowledge of temporary works.
  • Those that are new to the industry.
  • People from civil engineering or building backgrounds but use temporary works.
  • Other consulting or structural engineers, as well as permanent works designers participating in temporary works.

Temporary Works Co-Ordinator- This two-day course is for those on site with responsibility for managing all forms of temporary works. It is designed to give confidence to senior management and those who engage with contractors. The course will provide candidates with a thorough knowledge of the role of a temporary works coordinator.

Temporary Works Supervisor- This training course is designed to provide training for those undertaking the role of Temporary Works Supervisor. Delegates will include- Site engineers, managers of foremen, other supervisors likely to be assisting a TWC, those appointed by a TWS and site safety advisors.

Temporary Works Training

3. What do the courses cover?

Temporary Works Awareness- This course covers what classifies as temporary works, how and why they are used, the importance of them in safety, common problems with TW, the management process of TW and updates on latest publications and issue surrounding TW.

Temporary Works Co-Ordinator- This course is the latest addition to the Site Safety Plus suite of courses and covers- statutory aspects of temporary works, the need for and duties of a TW Co-Ordinator, the code of best practice TW, risk assessments, and management of the TW process.

Temporary Works Supervisor- This course covers the roles and responsibilities of a Temporary Works Supervisor, risk management of TW, legal responsibilities involved, and the 4 C’c (Comunication, Co-Ordination, Co-Operation & Competency).

4. What will I get out of the courses?

Each of these courses is CITB accredited therefore you will receive a CITB certificate upon successful completion of each course, however, if you are seeking a more bespoke tailored variation of the training you will receive an in-house certification from Industry Training Services.

5. How do I book a temporary works training course?

You can book each of our Temporary Works Courses online by clicking the links below, or you can get in touch with our sales team at [email protected]

(If you need help with booking a course online check out our free tutorial for a step by step guide)

Temporary Works Set Up

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