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Major Milestone: ITS Gains Openreach Approval for Civils Courses! 

We are thrilled to announce a major milestone for our company. Industry Training Services (ITS) has recently gained centre approval for Openreach accredited Civils courses for telecoms training!

Stuart Laing, Civils Accreditation Professional at Openreach praised our civils training area stating, “…the simulated site is probably the best I have seen to date.”

This achievement represents a significant advancement in our commitment to providing top-tier telecoms training across Ireland. By integrating these accredited Civils courses into our offerings, we are empowering candidates with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving telecoms industry.

Our Civils courses will be delivered in partnership with the highly esteemed CTTS, ensuring that our training is not only comprehensive but also meets the highest standards of excellence. This collaboration allows us to leverage both ITS’ and CTTS’ expertise and experience, providing our candidates with unparalleled training opportunities.

Civils Modules we offer 

These courses are designed to equip candidates with the critical skills and knowledge necessary for various civil engineering tasks within telecoms projects. These accreditations ensure that training meets the highest standards of excellence, preparing professionals to excel in their roles and contribute effectively to the industry. 

Openreach Civils Courses: 

*These course can also be offered as standalone courses for non-Openreach requirements (e.g. the south of Ireland)*

What the Civils Courses Offer 

This training will equip engineers with essential skills in trenching, duct installation, excavation safety, and infrastructure development. A successfully accredited individual will demonstrate the required skills, knowledge of network policies and standards, and the confidence to deliver at pace while reducing costs.

Accreditation Benefits: 

  • Establishes a skills benchmark across the workforce. 
  • Identifies knowledge gaps in safety and civil works. 
  • Provides confidence to individuals and managers. 
  • Fosters constructive dialogue on personal development. 

Defined skills matrices ensure individuals are accredited in all modules relevant to their roles, ensuring compliance within the Openreach & PIA network activities. 

This addition to our training repertoire marks a pivotal step towards our vision of becoming a one-stop shop for all telecoms training needs. We are proud to be the only public accredited training provider in Ireland offering this specialised training. 

Shaping the Future of Telecoms Education 

At ITS, we believe in preparing our candidates for successful careers by equipping them with the essential skills and hands-on experience required in the telecoms sector. The introduction of Openreach accredited civils courses enhances our ability to provide a comprehensive training solution that meets industry demands and sets our candidates up for success. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out these new courses and further solidify our position as the leading telecoms training provider in the region. Together with our partners and candidates, we are shaping the future of telecoms education in Ireland. 


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