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1st May Mental Health Awareness Month: Powerfully Thriving in Our Journey with The Lighthouse Construction Industry

Encouraging Mental Health Together  

In today’s busy world, taking care of our mental health is important. With Mental Health Awareness Month here, we’re looking at our partnership with The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity. Join us as we share our journey together, working to help everyone feel better mentally and talking about why taking care of ourselves is so important. 

Understanding Mental Health Awareness Month 

Mental Health Awareness Month serves as an annual reminder of the significance of mental wellness in our lives. It’s a designated time to amplify conversations surrounding mental health, challenge stigma, and promote support networks for those in need. At its core, Mental Health Awareness Month encourages unity in advocating for mental health issues and empowers individuals to prioritise their well-being. 

Our Partnership with the Lighthouse Charity Club 

At the core of our dedication to mental well-being is our collaboration with the Lighthouse Club. Our MD Brendan currently serves as a chairman of the NI committee for The Lighthouse Charity and through this partnership, we support their work as they are the only organisation that provides essential assistance to construction workers and their families, addressing their emotional, physical, and financial requirements. They have a 24-hour Construction Industry Helpline service available which offers free and confidential support and advice on a huge variety of wellbeing issues as well as a text support system and a live chat service where you can get in touch if you want to reach out.  

For more information on The Lighthouse Charity visit their website.  

Our Fundraising for The Lighthouse Charity 

Since our collaboration with the Lighthouse Club we have started to focus on yearly fundraising efforts, particularly through organising events aimed at raising money for the charity. Last year, we hosted a charity cycle, which managed to raise over two thousand pounds. We were fortunate to receive amazing support from local cycling clubs and PURE FITOUT for which we are extremely grateful. 

As the event was such a success we have decided to host another charity cycle for the same cause. This cycle will be hosted on the 22nd of September at our Portadown HQ, and all funds raised will be going towards The Lighthouse Charity. To donate or to sign up for this event click the link.  

(If you want to participate in the cycle, please remember to fill out the form on the JustGiving website)

Make It Visible On Site

The charity’s #MakeItVisible On Site initiative gets the message of support to some of the construction industry’s most vulnerable workers. The team delivers an informed and interactive  Team Talk which features personal life experiences and the importance of positive wellbeing. 

The vehicles and the team offer a mobile safe space encouraging open communication and connection. It establishes a comfortable environment where workers can engage in meaningful one-on-one discussions and share any concersn they have. 

Make It Visible goody bags are also distributed and share information about the services the Lighthouse Charity delivers. there’s also am opportunity for the site team to enter a draw for a fantastic cash prize.  

Conclusion: A Journey of Unity and Empowerment for Mental Health Awareness Month

As Mental Health Awareness Month unfolds, we’re reminded of the power of unity in fostering mental wellness. Through our journey with the Lighthouse Charity, we’ve witnessed the impact of community support and education. Together, we can all create a culture of empowerment, resilience, and compassion! 

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Portadown HQ: 028 3839 8700 
[email protected] 

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