ITS partnering with PIPS Upper Bann Charity for 2020.

For 2020, ITS are pleased to work alongside PIPS Upper Bann charity which is a suicide prevention charity. With a limited number of resources, they offer telephone and 1-1 support at their premises in Lurgan.
As a stand-alone charity, they are purely reliant on donations to keep themselves running.
We will be helping them throughout the year in regards to fundraising – keep an eye out!

ITS Managing Director Brendan Crealey said:

“We are delighted to be supporting PIPS Upper Bann. This local charity does great work in the fields of suicide and self-harm, which continue to take far too many lives across the province. Hopefully with our help they can offer more services to more people in need and help to reduce misery and suffering for many”.

Pictured is Carol, Vice Chair of Pips along with Danielle from the ITS Team.

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