CABWI level 2 Award working in high risk confined spaces (3 days)

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Who Should Attend CABWI High Risk Confined Spaces Training 

This course is designed for candidates that are involved in confined space entry with full duration breathing apparatus for high risk confined spaces as described in the national occupational standards for water & non water confined space entries.

Qualification Summary 

The CABWI Level 2 Award in Working in High Risk Confined Spaces allows learners to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required by those who need to work in high risk confined spaces as part of their job role. 

Qualification Aim 

This competence – based qualification covers the underpinning knowledge and practical skills required to work in high risk confined spaces. 

This qualification may be taken by any learner ages 16 or over, although it is recognised that employers may have different age requirements for their employees who work in confined spaces. As the qualification involves practical assessment in a confined space environment, centres must ensure that any learner undertaking the qualification is medically fit, in line with the current industry requirements. For the water industry, these requirements can be found in the Water UK Occasional Guidance Note (OGN) – The Classification and Management of Confined Space Entries. 

Course Objectives

The course will cover:

  • Preparing to work safely
  • Entering and exiting the confined space
  • Preparing and using appropriate respiratory equipment
  • Using equipment and tools safely
  • Following procedures
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Appropriate knowledge and behaviour
  • Relevant industry standards

The practical assessment must take place in a controlled confined space environment that meets the requirements set out in the qualification specification, and centres requiring recognition to deliver this qualification must show that they have the facilities and equipment required to carry out the practical assessments for a high risk confined space operation. 

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