Construction Site Safety Seminars in Cork & Galway

Last week our MD, Brendan Crealey and trainer Paul Killen hosted seminars in Cork and Galway on the topics of Temporary Works and Safe Use of Cranes.

Both cities are going through exciting construction changes as shown with the number of cranes hitting the skylines.

The feedback from the seminars were positive. One notably said:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for a very straight forward, plain talking and very interesting talk this morning. I would recommend your company to anyone based on your practical knowledge, your obvious expertise, and more importantly your ability to pass all this on to your listeners.

Keep up the good work.

Some of the key areas that were covered were:

Examples of Common Temporary Works Situations on site eg – crane pads/site hoarding
Main Risks associated with temporary works on site
Procedural Controls

A practical guide to I.S.360-Code of Practice: Safe use of Cranes
Responsibility for providing ‘ground bearing pressures’
Outrigger, Boom and Ballast Configurations

Brendan Crealey, MD, ITS thought the interaction from those in Cork and Galway was exciting to see in regards to these hot topics of Health & Safety being discussed and moving in the right direction.

‘Temporary Works in the construction industry is quite a topical subject due to a number of high profile incidents across Ireland and the UK over the past few years. It is critical that those responsible for managing temporary works have a clear understanding of best practice around the temporary works stage. This training will help instill that confidence at a senior level’.

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